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We Manufacturer of Good Quality Toilet Cleaner in Mumbai. Our Brand Is Differ & available in 500 ml , 5 Liter & 50 Liter pack.
Differ Liquid Perfumed Cleaner- Hand Wash Liquid available in 250 ml & 500ml with Dispenser & 1 Liter & 5 Liter in Refill pack in various fragrance. This is very safe on hands & pleasant fragrance.
Manufacturer of Detergent Paste In Mumbai Now it is easy to make Liquid soap by simply diluting this 500 grm. paste in 5 liters of water & Flavoured Liquid soap is ready for multipurpose cleaning. This is useful to clean all type of Kitchenware like Glassware, Stainless Steel, Melamine, Silverware. It also equally works to clean your flooring, bathroom, marble & granite flooring.
Manufacturer of quality Hand Wash Liquid in Mumbai Available in many Colors & Fragrances with Dispenser & also in refill pack. Bulk pack in 50 liter carboys @ very reasonable rate.
We are manufacturer in Mumbai - Quality Housekeeping Products , Such as Hand Wash Liquid, Dish Wash & Multipurpose Liquid, Glass Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Phenyl - White, Black & Concentrated Phenyl, Air Freshener, Sani Cubes, Naphthalene Balls, Room Freshener etc. Available in Consumer pack & 5 Ltr Pack./ 50 Ltr. .