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Manufacturer of Fabric Conditioner In Mumbai. Product Description By name itself, it help to Reconditioning the fabric, with mild stifness and gives soft and smooth comfortable feel. It reduce wrinkling and regain new look of fabric. Direction To Use * Applicable as pre-soak addition. * For better result use two caps of Fabric Conditioner and soak the fabric for 30 minutes. * Wring out the fabric in water and dry. * Finally press with hot iron.
Manufacturer of Real Detergent Powder In Mumbai Real Value for your money. Get Cleaner, Brighter Clothes after every wash.
Manufacturer of Soft Wash in Mumbai. Product Description A product we suggest to wash your new cloths with Differ Soft Wash only. A product developed with Non Ionic detergent with enzymes as product is Natural in Nature. It adds Luster & Freshness to the Fabric with Odor Care. Direction To Use * Half Bucket cold Water required 2 Caps. * Soak Cloths for Half an hour. * Rinse gently on Stain & Dirt of Fabrics. Suitable For * All types of cloths such as silk, shiffon, nylone, cotton, terelyne etc. * Born baby and Kids Cloths * Very safe on all kind of Coloured fabrics. * It is very safe for sensitive skin. Property Its replacement of “DRY CLEANING” . At the time of buying new Fabrics , on many fabrics it was written “it must be wash only Dry Cleaning or some times First wash must be Dry Cleaning. So Customer can wash with DIFFER SOFT WASH will not damage fabric & save Dry Cleaning cost. Secondly Whenever Custmer Buying new fabrics & as & when he used, normally he wears & take care & so it won’t be much dirty – So it dos’nt required to wash with any strong Detergent powder & he can wash with “DIFFER SOFT WASH” . It help to protect new fabrics’s colour & brightness or newness of Fabrics for longer period. As when we wash with any Dertergent Powder, it has property to clean its dirtyness very well but at the same time it reduce the new look of fabrics, it reduce the Brightness & some time specifically cotten fabrics lost its colour intigrity.
Manufacturer of Floor Cleaner In Mumbai. The special ingredient does beautiful cleaning to your precious flooring. It is free from harmful chemicals and environment friendly product with Citronella oil (natural product). For sparkling cleaning of flooring recommended by Architects as a replacement to phenyl or cleaner.
Manufacturer of Concentrated Cleaner in Mumbai. It is useful for Homes, Offices, Factories, Hospitals etc. It effectively keeps the freshness in Toilet & Bathrooms whole surrounding. Effectively keeps Clean & Shines on your expensive Marble, Granites & Tiles. It is environment friendly & free from Harmful Chemicals and Safe on hand. Few drops are sufficient in half bucket water. It has Citronella oil (natural product) to get disinfectant property.