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Differ Cleaning Paste or Scoring Paste is concentrated cleaning agent for sparkling cleaning of Utensils. It easily removes burnt patches from fry pan or any other utensils. Direction : Take very small parts of Paste on Scrubber or Sponge & clean as many as vessels till the lather lasts.
DIFFER CLEANING PASTE or say SCORING PASTE for sparkling cleaning of Utensil or flooring, Bathroom etc . Take very small part of paste on scrubber or sponge and clean as much as you can.
Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Scrubber In Mumbai Ideal for utensils, Barbeque, dishes, Tiles, Bath Tubs, Machine Parts and Grillers. Smooth edges are safe for hands, made from stainless steel therefore it is Germ free and Rustproof. Contain more cleaning edges which remove dirt / grime quickly. It has tough and long lasting strength.
Manufacturer of Fabric Care & Housekeeping Product by Meet Chem, Mumbai Meet Chem Manufacturer of Fabric Care, Housekeeping Product, Dish Wash, Personal Care, Utility Product, Concentrated Phenyl Cleaner, Furniture Cleaner for Hotels, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Manufacturer of Fabric Care & Housekeeping Product by Meet Chem, Mumbai We are Pleased to introduce ourselves as Manufacturer of Toiletries and Cosmetics and its Intermediate since last 14 years, particularly Soaps and Detergents. We are operating under the name and style of M/s. Gala Chemicals, which deals with the reputed companies such as Godrej, Balsara, Lijjat etc. By working with Godrej & other corporate, we gain experience about Quality demand by Market and Quality required for Export. Since last nine years, we have promoted and introduce new Brand under the style and name of “Differ”. We promote these products by Direct Marketing by giving a Free Home Delivery to our esteem customers (consumer), which are more than 20, 000 spread throughout the Greater Mumbai, New Mumbai, Panvel, Thane, Vapi, Pune, Amravati etc.. Currently we are Manufacturing and Marketing Cleaning Products for Home, Fabrics and Personal Care Products. This consist about 45 Products all together. Company also having a diversion Plans to develop more other products for which experimental are under the process. In addition we also supply housekeeping –cleaning products to many Food & Pharma Industries, Engineering Units, Hospital, Nursing home, Hotel and Restaurants. Further we also made product for industries as par their specific need. The Company’s main Aim is to give a consumer a satisfaction for the money or value, which they are paying for our products, by giving them extraordinary quality products. Which are produced under the personal supervision of Mr. Hasmukh Gala, who is well experienced and acquainted in these Industries for the last 35 years. We do not Compromise quality at any cost with last but not the least the customer satisfaction, which is our goal.
Differ Dish Wash Gel(Thick Liquid)can easily removes Oily & Greasy Stain on any Surface. Useful for all types of Kitchenware i.e. Glassware, Stainless Steel, Melamine Brass or Silverware. It is very SAFE ON HANDS. One can use by diluting with 4-5 parts of water. Cost wise, this is very economical .