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Magic Eraser Sponge does not required Soap or Detergent to remove dirt & Stains. Highly abrasive require only water & less force for cleaning. Just moist the Magic Eraser Sponge with little water & rub it gently across the stubborn stain. It's very helpful for every home.
We are dealer of Fablas quality products Such as Magic Cleaner, No. 1 Magnum S.S. Scrubber, Scrub N Bright - Scrub Pad, Wipe N Shine- Sponge MOP etc. We used to give Free Home delivery in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.
Differ Cleaning Paste or Scoring Paste is concentrated cleaning agent for sparkling cleaning of Utensils. It easily removes burnt patches from fry pan or any other utensils. Direction : Take very small parts of Paste on Scrubber or Sponge & clean as many as vessels till the lather lasts.
DIFFER CLEANING PASTE or say SCORING PASTE for sparkling cleaning of Utensil or flooring, Bathroom etc . Take very small part of paste on scrubber or sponge and clean as much as you can.