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Manufacturer of Soft Wash in Mumbai. Product Description A product we suggest to wash your new cloths with Differ Soft Wash only. A product developed with Non Ionic detergent with enzymes as product is Natural in Nature. It adds Luster & Freshness to the Fabric with Odor Care. Direction To Use * Half Bucket cold Water required 2 Caps. * Soak Cloths for Half an hour. * Rinse gently on Stain & Dirt of Fabrics. Suitable For * All types of cloths such as silk, shiffon, nylone, cotton, terelyne etc. * Born baby and Kids Cloths * Very safe on all kind of Coloured fabrics. * It is very safe for sensitive skin. Property Its replacement of “DRY CLEANING” . At the time of buying new Fabrics , on many fabrics it was written “it must be wash only Dry Cleaning or some times First wash must be Dry Cleaning. So Customer can wash with DIFFER SOFT WASH will not damage fabric & save Dry Cleaning cost. Secondly Whenever Custmer Buying new fabrics & as & when he used, normally he wears & take care & so it won’t be much dirty – So it dos’nt required to wash with any strong Detergent powder & he can wash with “DIFFER SOFT WASH” . It help to protect new fabrics’s colour & brightness or newness of Fabrics for longer period. As when we wash with any Dertergent Powder, it has property to clean its dirtyness very well but at the same time it reduce the new look of fabrics, it reduce the Brightness & some time specifically cotten fabrics lost its colour intigrity.
Manufacturer of Zion Transperant Bathing Bar In Mumbai This is premium Bathing Soaps It is extremely mild and has excellent moistening properties. It even takes care of delicate skin. Available in different colour and flavour such as Natural, Spice, Sandal, Saffron, Citrus etc.
Differ Cleaning Paste or Scoring Paste is concentrated cleaning agent for sparkling cleaning of Utensils. It easily removes burnt patches from fry pan or any other utensils. Direction : Take very small parts of Paste on Scrubber or Sponge & clean as many as vessels till the lather lasts.
DIFFER CLEANING PASTE or say SCORING PASTE for sparkling cleaning of Utensil or flooring, Bathroom etc . Take very small part of paste on scrubber or sponge and clean as much as you can.