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Manufacture of Scoring Bar in Mumbai It can clean Oily and Greasy utensils, even stubborn, oily patches on all type of utensils.
Manufacturer of Cleaning Paste in Mumbai A new unique formula with affordable price and it can clean even stubborn, oily patches on all type of utensils and especially it helps to give extra life to nonstick cookware (Teflon Coated). It is very effective on silver wears, it cleans and gives shine to Silver Ornaments, silver utensils and silver articles.
Differ Cleaning Paste or Scoring Paste is concentrated cleaning agent for sparkling cleaning of Utensils. It easily removes burnt patches from fry pan or any other utensils. Direction : Take very small parts of Paste on Scrubber or Sponge & clean as many as vessels till the lather lasts.
Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Scrubber In Mumbai Ideal for utensils, Barbeque, dishes, Tiles, Bath Tubs, Machine Parts and Grillers. Smooth edges are safe for hands, made from stainless steel therefore it is Germ free and Rustproof. Contain more cleaning edges which remove dirt / grime quickly. It has tough and long lasting strength.
Manufacturer of Utensil Cleaner in Mumbai It is ideal for stainless steel, crockery, and cutlery and non- stick cookware. It’s powerful formula removes the toughest oily/grease with ease. Safe on Hand easily dilute in water and free from bad odour.