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Manufacturer of Concentrated Cleaner (Con. Phenyl) in Vikhroli Description Product Description It is useful for Homes, Offices, Factories, Hospitals etc. It effectively keeps the freshness in Toilet & Bathrooms whole surrounding. Effectively keeps Clean & Shines on your expensive Marble, Granites & Tiles. It is environment friendly & free from Harmful Chemicals and Safe on hand. Few drops are sufficient in half bucket water. It has Citronella oil (natural product) to get disinfectant property.
Manufacturer of Naphthalene Balls in Vikhroli Description Product Description It can be kept at Bath Room, Toilet, Cupboard, Kitchen etc.
Manufacturer of Toilet Cleaner in Vikhroli Description Product Description Differ Toilet Cleaner with bleaching effect. A modify form of Hydrochloric Acid which is used by mass for the cleaning of Toilet & Tiles. It is formulated in such a way which gives the following additional benefits: i) It has inbuilt detergent (soap) and no need to use other detergent. ii) It removes hard stains and dirt. iii) It’s free from harmful Chlorine odour as in case of Hydrochloric Acid.
Manufacturer of Hairline Shampoo Shikakai/Aloevera/Milk Shampoo in Vikhroli Description Product Description Shikakai and Neem add extra softness and glowing looks. Shikakai and Neem are known as natural cleaners. Aloevera – Milk protein and Aloe Vera gel helps to prevent split ends, hair loss and mild dandruff. Excellent hair tonic for daily usefor all types of hair.
Manufacturer of Multipurpose Liquid Detergent in Vikhroli Product Description It is a unique formula to remove oily & greasy stain on any surface. It works scratch free on your valuables, at the same time it is soft and gentle on your hands. This is useful to clean all type of Kitchenware like Glassware, Stainless Steel, Melamine, Silverware. It also equally works to clean your flooring, bathroom, marble & granite flooring.