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Differ Soft Wash a best product for Washing of Cloths, specially : New Cloths : It keeps the Newness for loner period. Baby Cloths : Being a Neutral ph , its very safe on baby cloths & their skin. Dry Clean : Cloths suggest for dry clean only can be wash at your home. Yes you can wash in Top Load Washing Machine or regular bucket wash .

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Differ Oxy Wash Powder a premium Detergent powder has unique & powerful formula & it is designed for use as Photocatalyst against all stains, which can be oxidized by activated oxygen. it gives brighter white & superior colour look for clothes by making cloths spotlessly clean. For getting best result of Differ Oxy Wash keep for 10 minutes in warm water & then soak the clothes or add in washing machine. Available for both types of powder for Top load or front load washing machine.

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Differ Dish Wash Liquid is quality product useful for cleaning of all types of Utensils, Crockery etc. It's very safe on hands as Liquid is neutral in ph value & also it cleans the surface sparkly shine, it removes the oily & burn surface easily. This liquid is very easy to use & as it is very concentrated form, you can dilute in 1 Ltr by adding 4 liter water, so it is very economical also. It has very pleasant & sweet power of Lime fragrance.

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Differ Colour Fixer, a best product in market , a unique product for Cotton Fabric care. Very easy to use. * It protects coloured fabric from fading during washing . * Retain their colour brilliance. * Maintain colour integrity of fabrics. * rated excellence in colour fixation.

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Differ Cleaning Paste or Scoring Paste is concentrated cleaning agent for sparkling cleaning of Utensils. It easily removes burnt patches from fry pan or any other utensils. Direction : Take very small parts of Paste on Scrubber or Sponge & clean as many as vessels till the lather lasts.

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"Differ Eco Oxy Wash " a Detergent powder for Complete Cleaning With Odour Care product, feel fresh after every wash. A best product for Top Load Washing machine & Bucket Wash for all types of Fabrics /Cloths.

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Differ Detergent Paste, a multipurpose product. However it is more popular in Industries than in household consumer. But once people like to use , he will continuously using the Detergent in Paste form only. You can use for washing of Cloths or for Cleaning of Utensils. You can use for Bathroom Cleaning or Floor Cleaning also.

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We are dealer of Fablas quality products Such as Magic Cleaner, No. 1 Magnum S.S. Scrubber, Scrub N Bright - Scrub Pad, Wipe N Shine- Sponge MOP etc. We used to give Free Home delivery in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.

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Differ Concentrated Cleaner (Con. Phenyl) made with pure Pine Oil & Citronella Grass Oil. Its pleasant fragrance make the surrounding Clean , Shine feel fressnesh. This is Eco friendly Product & free from harmful Chemicals. Its a product for every Home, Office & factory.

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Differ's Real Washing Powder low price product, Real Value of your Money. You will get Cleaner, Brighter cloths after every Wash.