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Manufacturer of Hairline Shampoo Shikakai In Mumbai Shikakai and Neem add extra softness and glowing looks. Shikakai and Neem are known as natural cleaners.
Manufacturer of Hairline Shampoo Aloevera In Mumbai Aloevera – Milk protein and Aloe Vera gel helps to prevent split ends, hair loss and mild dandruff. Excellent hair tonic for daily usefor all types of hair.
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Manufacturer of Fresh Beauty Soap In Mumbai Its available at very economy and reasonable Price and available in many fragrances such as Bouquet, Sandal, Saffron, Aloevera, Herbal, Orange, Lemon, Deo, Cologne and Flower Fresh.
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Manufacturer of Scrub and Bright Pad In Mumbai Tough on dirt, gentle on your hands. Ideal for greasy surfaces. Consumes less scoring powder or liquid soap. Hygienic-does not absorb odours/Oils. It is tough on burnt & dried deposits.
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Manufacturer of Body Line Deo Talc in Mumbai Specially blended with Neem, Nagarmotha and Tulsi in smooth perfumed talc to prevent foul smell due to sweat around you. Can be used as prickly heat, Bed Sores, Fabric Rash and Itching due to skin disorders.