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Differ Liquid Perfumed Cleaner (Hand Wash Liquid) ensures General cleaning & high standard of Hygenic. It is ideal cleaner for everyday use by every person of your family. We assured you for very pleasant fragrance of your choice.
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Fresho Sanicubes or Air Freshener with extra perfume keep in Bathroom, Toilet, Cupboard etc. It keeps the atmosphere fresh.
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Differ Concentrated Cleaner(Phenyl)made with pure Pine oil & Natural Citronella Grass Oil.It is environmentally friendly & free from Harmful Chemicals and safe on any surface. Just Few drops is sufficient in half bucket of water. Its' fragrance is natural & very pleasant with very effective result.
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ACLIN a Metal Cleaner , specially for BRASS , COPPER & SILVER. Available Free Home Delivery in Mumbai . Just Rs 26 for 200 gram pack. ONE WAY TO PLEASE GOD.
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Differ Toilet Cleaner a modify form of Hydrochloric Acid, which used by mass for the cleaning of Toilet & Tiles. It is formulated in such way, which give the following additional benefits. It removes the hard stain & dirt as it has inbuilt Detergent. It is free from harmful chemicals & odor free as in case of Hydrochloric Acid.