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Differ Toilet Cleaner a modify form of Hydrochloric Acid, which used by mass for the cleaning of Toilet & Tiles. It is formulated in such way, which give the following additional benefits. It removes the hard stain & dirt as it has inbuilt Detergent. It is free from harmful chemicals & odor free as in case of Hydrochloric Acid.
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Magic Eraser Sponge does not required Soap or Detergent to remove dirt & Stains. Highly abrasive require only water & less force for cleaning. Just moist the Magic Eraser Sponge with little water & rub it gently across the stubborn stain. It's very helpful for every home.
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Differ Colour Fixer a unique product & and having highest sales on Amazon . It helps to protect fading of Colours during washing of Cotton fabrics or cloths. A very easy to use.
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Differ Soft Wash Liquid a Premium quality Liquid for Fabric Wash . You can use for Delicate clothes, Baby Clothes & even cloths suggested for Dry Clean only , you can wash at your home .It is very safe on Hands & also safe for all types of Cloths. You will get excellent result on White Cloths. It adds Luster & Freshness to Fabric with Odor care. This is suitable for all types of Top Load Washing Machines.
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Differ Colour Fixer highest sale on A product is useful for Cotton Fabric or Cloths to protects Coloured clothes from fading during washing and retains their colour brilliance.